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Postby Andraxion » Sat Sep 18, 2010 10:30 pm

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Hi guys, Stunfugged here showing you my latest and not my greatest UI. I prefer 3 things in UIs; Efficiency, Scalability, and Style so this is one I made that fits the criteria.

Click to enlarge.

Additional notes;
I hate having my chatbox/minimap showing at all times due to the minimal concept. They are useless in raids and pvp for the most part so I keep them toggled off.

Hide/Show Chat Frame
/script local i=DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME; if i:IsShown() then i:Hide(); else i:Show(); end

Hide/Show Minimap
/script ToggleMinimap();

Edit - The original version I used on my warrior. (Don't mind the Keybinds, I just finished setting it up like 5 minutes prior to joining that raid)

My Resto Druid's UI

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