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Your Name

Your Age

Our raiding schedule is Tuesday/Wednesday 9:30-11PM and Friday/Saturday 9:30-12AM EST. Would this be a problem for you?

We are currently still building up our numbers, while we try to get different people in each run, some people will miss out. Would this be a problem for you while we grow?

What is your stance on Mom jokes? Can you handle your Mom being brought into it early and often? Are you ok with risque humor in an PG-13/R guild chat? Can you contribute? Can you handle random CAPSLOCK silliness and have CAPSCRIT immunity?

Tell us a little about yourself, your hobbies, and why you enjoy playing World of Warcraft
this is my second attempt it failed the first time so.
my peersonal ts3:
password: upload
im the only one on the server. adult player - age 40 male

Character Name

Character Realm

Character Class/Spec

Active Alts


What is your favorite silly item you acquired in Wow just for fun or lore reasons?

Have you completed the Noggenfogger Elixir quest line?

What guild(s) have you been in?
sqhq - strumgrenadier

How did you come to leave those guilds or your current guild?
no one plays anymore

How did you hear about us, why do you wish to join us, and what do you think you can bring to us?
surfing the web.

What do you want from us as a guild?
adult companionship

Describe your previous Raid experience, both encounters and roles, including any leadership roles.

Do you have vent, a Headset, and a pair of somewhat functional ears?

Can you spec and play all specs of your class correctly; do you have the gear to freely do so? Do you research and understand rotations, gearing, strats, etc.

Would respecing for a Key role or bringing an Alt be an issue, if required by the raid?

We are a more lax guild, but when it comes to raiding, we expect A-game, therefore if we feel you are not performing 100%, we will see whats wrong and respectively address with you how it can be improved, via respecing, enchanting, gems, gear ect, would this be an issue for you?

If you could nom one thing, all day long, what would you nom?

How do you wish to be contacted regarding your application? (If email, please provide it)

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