Saturday 12:09pm Hafalgor Curse guild chat?

Friday 12:03pm Inno Hi, I say!!!

Friday 12:03pm Inno Hi

Saturday 9:03pm Krawdad I'm impressed by the amount of members on this site.

Tuesday 10:18pm Hafalgor dat necro doe

Thursday 10:12pm lazurz happy birthday to tor

Thursday 10:10pm lazurz hello mortals.

Tuesday 11:38pm Krawdad looks like some swtor shenanigans are happening on Shadowlands, let me know if anyone wants to join in

Tuesday 8:56pm TorFlora Made by an Aussie

Tuesday 10:24am TorFlora And a Happy 2014 to everyone! ^.^

Tuesday 10:24am TorFlora That explains the picture of you with a gun the other day :P

Sunday 4:32pm Krawdad happy new year guys! and i went and got the xbox one. can't say i'm dissappointed

Thursday 1:31pm Inno Also, PS4, 100 cheaper, more gaming focused, slightly more powerful hardware

Thursday 1:30pm Inno Merry Belated Kerfmas

Wednesday 10:10am lazurz Merry christmas you plebians!

Sunday 1:12am Symara Merf. ;;

Friday 2:50pm Krawdad If you were to get a console, PS4 or XBox1?

Friday 1:54pm Inno New XPAC, check out trailer and mmochamp for deetz


Sunday 6:30am lazurz i resubbed to wow, and hearthstone is a very fun game, better than the magic game on steam

Sunday 6:27am lazurz me too inno

Thursday 12:59pm Inno I am in the hearthstone beta, so that's a thing

Saturday 8:03am lazurz So im on the wow 7 days free trial, somehow my contacts got wiped so add me on Chin#1747 if you want to catch up while i am "in town"

Monday 7:09pm Krawdad ya, i've lost my patience for logging into the game. i might try again in a week or two.

Saturday 4:42pm TorFlora beautiful if you can log in lol

Thursday 10:41am TorFlora yea, this game is beautiful

Wednesday 3:02am lazurz I am enjoying playing an mmo with you all again. good shit.

Tuesday 6:47pm Krawdad they won't let me join your server, says it is too full to accept new players and i have to choose another server

Tuesday 5:09pm TorFlora tho right now, id rather be sitting in a long ass que than clicking through a full world message over and over >.<

Tuesday 5:08pm TorFlora RPing is up to you. I found this wiki and name gerator to give me insight as to how i name my character... and

Tuesday 4:44pm Krawdad are there FF'esk names that should be used when playing the game or is RP set to specific servers

Monday 9:12am TorFlora Sounds like a heavy metal turtle lol

Monday 1:20am lazurz pewpew

Sunday 11:27am TorFlora turtle turtle!

Saturday 2:29am Symara We are on Adamantoise server now

Saturday 2:29am Symara There was an influx of players

Friday 7:36pm Jangles Anyone know why the FFXIV server was not allowing character creation and that the server was restricted or something?

Wednesday 7:33pm TorFlora We should do an official meet-up once the game is released!

Wednesday 12:45am Symara Eminence members** :P

Wednesday 12:45am Symara Just a heads up everyone: A group of Eminence will be playing the FFXIV Open Beta this week 17th-19th, on the Gilgamesh server. If you wish to join us we'll be on vent. :)

Tuesday 10:02pm Thijs FaiptgaxSpepe lmao

Sunday 8:12pm Symara Its orjrkual now. XD

Sunday 9:29am Thijs Let's give a big <3 welcome to our newest member, Oswaldwbw :P

Sunday 9:28am Thijs lol up to 22k members now

Sunday 9:25am Thijs Thanks Sam. :)

Friday 11:26am Symara Happy Thijsday ;D

Monday 3:24pm Hafalgor Thanks guys!

Monday 10:29am TorFlora Happy birthday Haf! <3

Monday 6:24am Symara HappyHafday

Monday 8:08pm Symara its for our epeens obviously

Monday 7:39pm TorFlora This is how Skynet takes over. Sends bots to all the unmanned forum servers and spam us with their ridiculous nonsense. Strange that bots are trying to sell us penis enlargement pills and the like.

Monday 4:57am Symara Soooo many members. :P

Monday 4:56am Symara lol.

Saturday 5:16pm Krawdad it must take up the majority of Dalaran's server occupants now

Saturday 12:29pm TorFlora Holy smokes, 19092 total members! Eminence is best guild!

Sunday 10:03pm TorFlora yup

Sunday 7:57pm lazurz hello is anybody alive out there?


Wednesday 1:02am Symara THE HOBBITS

Tuesday 5:15pm TorFlora The best of Isengard-Legolas!

Tuesday 2:49am Symara Ya, i like it a lot more now personally. XD

Sunday 5:29pm TorFlora Lol, nice. Sounds a lil bit like the skrillex bug mix in Wreck-It Ralph

Sunday 10:34am TorFlora Happy Birthday Krawfeesh! <3

Saturday 11:48am Hafalgor lulz

Wednesday 11:57am TorFlora .....................................echo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday 3:44pm Pix echo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday 12:36pm TorFlora *does the Kerfday dance* ^.^

Friday 12:21am Krawdad Happy Kerfday everyone!

Thursday 8:57pm Inno Man, we sure could have used this

Thursday 8:18pm Symara Its Kerfday!.

Tuesday 10:31pm Symara It is glorious.

Sunday 12:04am Hafalgor holy shit.

Saturday 5:12am Symara No.

Friday 4:47pm Hafalgor /r/australia is a strange and confusing place.

Sunday 11:27am TorFlora bak bak baaak

Sunday 11:24am Symara mmmooooo

Wednesday 4:08pm lazurz mooo

Tuesday 9:04pm TorFlora *Pillsbury dough boy chuckle*

Tuesday 11:37am Symara *poke*

Saturday 6:49pm TorFlora LIFE!

Friday 2:16am Saeble 42?

Tuesday 5:22pm TorFlora 42

Monday 9:20pm lazurz ggwo#yolo#swag#trolo

Monday 9:20pm lazurz damn code used

Monday 9:08pm lazurz ehhh

Monday 9:07pm lazurz rift eh

Friday 4:56pm Saeble It is free to play but only up until level 20. It is called RIFT Lite or something. Basic sub is still $15/mo.

Friday 4:32pm Krawdad i thought rift was free to play

Friday 1:47am Symara 73HD-MJHE-PZLT-LZDH-E7GW Free copy of Rift + Storm Legion +30days play time: Create a trial account, then enter this code! One time use only, first come first serve. :)

Friday 1:33am Symara No hugs for you!

Wednesday 4:32pm lazurz SHUT AND GIVE ME HUGS

Thursday 7:52pm TorFlora Thx Krawfeesh! <3

Thursday 1:58pm Krawdad Happy Cakeday Tormuffin

Wednesday 8:40am Symara I wouldnt mind some AoE or Derpablo actually. o.O

Wednesday 6:22am lazurz Also. hooooooow about some games this weekend guiz? sc2? tf2? Age of empires 2? perhaps even derpablo 3

Wednesday 6:21am lazurz Happy birthday wild the kardde